The back yard has a fence. The playground has a fence. The ball field has a fence.
Beyond the fences, new worlds are waiting.

For all your camping-in-comfort needs... Choose Adventure RV Rentals!
We Pride ourselves in the Highest level of customer services and satisfaction.
We offer Avaliable local delivery and setup, Competitive Pricing through all rental seasons,
Travel and campground assistance. Thorough orientation of your rental vehicle,
Class A, Class C, and Travel Trailers


Adventure RV Rental vacations are a great way for American and international travelers to discover the USA. The great outdoors can be experienced from the comfort of your RV / Motorhome rental while you enjoy spectacular national parks like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone. You will also enjoy the incredible coastlines of California, and places like Lake Arrowhead, Mamouth, Big Bear, and more! The freedom to design your own itinerary and travel in an AdventureRV rental truly allows you to relax and set your own pace while discovering America.



… And Don’t Look Back (Unless It’s To Take In The View)
Get away at a moment’s notice — and take the comforts of home right along with you, including all of your favorite gear. If you like Adventures and doing new things, you’ll love Adventure RVing. These versatile vehicles are perfect for camping, for exploring our national parks and Coastlines, for weekend excursions — and so much more.
For every passion, there’s an Adventure RV to help you enjoy it more.

Adventure RV Rentals is committed to providing you a
RV for the vacation of a lifetime!

- Our Staff Is Here To Serve You

The safe, comfortable, clean RV's provided by Adventure RV Rentals don't simply serve as a mode of transportation; they become an integral part of your travels. We at Adventure RV Rentals know the importance of this, which is why were here to help you choose the right RV for your needs. Whether you choose our popular and familiar Class C RV's with their distinctive cab-over design, Travel Trailers or the super-spacious Class A RV's, all our rentals are clean, dependable, and ready to go. Our experienced and helpful reservations staff will provide detailed explanations about the different features in each RV, and work patiently with you in determining which RV best suits your needs. When you arrive to pick up your unit, we will provide an informative orientation and spend time to carefully go over all the details of traveling with your RV.


- Your Adventure begins by requesting a quote today!

Take that first step in starting your dream vacation today by giving our staff a call at (661) 273-1594 . We look forward to helping you enjoy a memorable and affordable RV vacation. With Adventure RV Rentals, you'll be sure to drive away a winner!


Attention RV Owners.

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